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TEX II Round 1 - Drink P4
After the whimsy and picnics of the box room, the danger of the twisting icy paths was rather a cold slap to the face in reminding Fawn Schuh that she was trapped in a labyrinth-tournament within the Underworld.  And wanting to get out of this place was plenty of a good reason to obey and trust her impish guide.  Although the announcement echoing over the speaker system made the ginger haired girl double-check that trust, if only a little. "What Death said, about following the winners and killing them– you know I'm not okay with that, right?"
"Sweetling, such behavior is the last thing I'd expect for one such as yourself." Possum perched on her shoulder, tiny tail hooked into the white, water-proof fabric of her winter coat.  His red eyes stared steadily ahead, apparently unaffected by the gloom surrounding them.
The ginger girl could barely see the ground before her in the frozen blackness.  The sight of her breath as it steamed up before h
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TEX II Round 1 - Drink P3
Like so many other hellish errands, this one began with the phrase, "I haven't got a thing to wear."
TK crossed her arms with a huff as they made use of a quiet sidestreet far too quickly again.  The bar to their right proclaimed itself, in twisting letters that eventually rearranged themselves into proper words, to be called The Lux.  Yellow bulbs burned brightly below the sharp metal letters, and if the founder has designed with the idea of 'high-class hole-in-the-wall' they'd succeeded admirably.
She glanced at the imp, small and sitting on her shoulder, and cleared her throat.  "Are you even listening?" she asked, though by the way his feline eyes were fixed to the sign, the answer was obvious.  
He hadn't heard a word.
As Possum stared at the incandescent bulbs he concluded that this world Above was completely incomprehensible to one so darkly born. The very nature of the light was a curious thing, how it was willing to mingle and play with
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TEX II Round 1 - Drink P2
When TK was face-to-face once more with her imp, she decided it was best to get straight to the point.  
"Now," she said pleasantly, "why don't you get out."  She held open the door for him with a broad gesture out.  "And -- what was it you said?  I ought to choose my words more carefully?  In that case, let's put it like this: get the hell out of my room, and do not enter again without my permission."
The door slammed behind the imp with a finality that left him cold from more than blood-loss of this Binding.  Sadistic satisfaction didn't echo through the Bond, just hung between the imp and Host as if captured by a cobweb of time, left to gradually fade in silence.  He would have sighed if anger, disappointment, and betrayal hadn't still roiled within his mortal heart.
Instead Possum decided to be constructive, his fingers spinning his heart's frustrations into threads with which he could work the blackest of magic.
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TEX II Round 1 - Drink P1
Tray sat on the edge of the mattress with his eyes on the ground and stiff cracking trails down his face.  His folded hands trembled between his knees from exhaustion and catharsis that left him empty instead of at peace.  He felt inversely leaden and shivery, with limbs and joints that wouldn't budge and insides that trembled like gelatin.    
The gun sat quietly in the corner where it had been kicked before, back minutes or hours ago when he had the energy and awareness to do so.  The dull metal gleamed so nicely in the wan light of a single yellow-bulbed lamp.  He carried all the solutions on his person, but he didn't carry the courage with it.
The phone rang again and he paid it no mind.  It had long ago fallen off the edge of the bed to rattle around against the cheap wood of the leg.  The thing blinked urgently at the edge of his vision and buzzed like a swarm of bees, completely ineffective.
He stare
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TEXII Round 1 SE: Bargain
TK shoved her way to the front of the crowd of people, most of whom seemed to have the exact same idea she did. Wayward elbows posed a danger, as did the wayward feet, knives, and -- were those wings? -- other appendages.
The voices and sounds of the crowd were uncomfortably hushed for such a large group.  What should have been a roar existed instead as a muffled, low-voltage hum, a conversation heard through cotton.  Like the grey light that filtered from nowhere in particular, the sound drifted like brackish water.
Tin cut through it in the form of a familiar voice turned metallic.  The distorted sound twisted through the crowd, squirming through pairs and swimming above them.
"--just a test," the projected voice said, and a breathless TK stopped in her tracks.  "So hang on, kids, we aren't starting just yet.  Quit your pushing, nothing to hear here.  Just making sure all systems are a go before we get going proper."
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 3 2
TEXII Audition: Return
TK stood naked and examined her reflection.  She shifted in the full-length mirror and the corners of her mouth turned down in a thoughtful grimace.  
Not bad.  Her hair was inciting attempts to rebel in the drier air, but it could be easily smoothed into a tight bun.  Eyebrows; neat and freshly waxed.  Complexion; glowing, as usual.  Breasts -- well, they'd been better, but they were still quite nice.
Her gaze travelled further.  Heart -- still beating, so she couldn't ask for much more.  It shuddered with exhaustion as it pumped, but it carried on, and so could she.
She would wear black today.  There, a decision made.  TK sorted through the tiny closet of the tiny room and dressed quickly for the unwelcome interview she refused to miss.  She didn't care about whatever was killing sheep or who had unwisely screwed who in this god-forsaken desert that dried out her skin and pri
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TEX II Profile: TK
Name: TK
Age: 34  
Sex:  Female
Race:  Human, Caucasian
Height:  5'11"
Weight: Average
Build: TK works out and does nothing in half measures.  She's tight, toned, and blessed with all the right curves in all the right places.  The girl is smokin'.  
Skin:  Very fair and prone to burning.
Hair: Dark, glossy black.  It falls in waves to her upper back.
Eyes: Light blue and thickly lashed.  Her eyebrows are arched, delicate, and dark.
Other Defining Features: TK has a beautiful face.  She has a beautiful everything.  Her lips are full, dramatic, and shapely.  She has a beauty mark a la Marilyn Monroe on her left cheek and a delicately upturned nose that still manages to look as though it's never been broken.
She moves with her chest out and chin u
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Utterly Amusing -- Scene 1
Utterly Amusing: A Witty Tale of Love, Life, and Somewhat-Divine Inspiration
Scene I
The curtain opens to reveal JACK and LILLY huddled center stage around a simple wooden chair and desk, upon which rests a notebook, scattered papers, and a few pens. TODD sits motionless on a sofa stage right, not actually part of the scene. He mouths the dialogue silently. A coat lays next to him. Several ZOMBIES scratch and moan at a standing door stage left.

I'm sorry, we've done all we can. Lilly, this is it!
Oh Jack, no! You can't leave us! We can't survive without you!
Lilly, I'm so sorry. But there's nothing else we can do.
Jack, I can't survive without you.
There's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time. Lilly, I'm sorry. Promise me you'll lead a good life; that my death won't be for nothing! When I stay behind to distract the zombies, you have to run.
But Jack—
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 4 2
Utterly Amusing -- Synop, Cast
(3M, 4F, w/ chorus and zombies)  Todd Cohen, just coming off the success of his first novel, attempts to finish his second. When his personal muse shows up to help him out, he embarks on his quest to complete his story, discover self-respect, win the heart of the girl of his dreams, and come to terms with his greatest obstacle: himself. Hijinks ensue.
Character List
(Young, highly anxious and insecure author of a bestselling novel.)
2: JANET: (TODD's muse; inexperienced but determined to help; cheery and colorful.)
3: JACK: (Strapping survivor character of zombie apocalypse; in love with LILLY.)
4: LILLY: (Beautiful survivor character of zombie apocalypse; in love with JACK.)
5: STEVE: (TODD's best friend; obnoxious but good-hearted. Engaged.)
6: MOTHER: (TODD's overbearing mother. She means well. A walking clich
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BK R3: And Then You Die Pt 4
"Well done." A beaming Patrick clasped Orien's shoulder with his uninjured arm. "Really. You saved us."
"Um," Elijah began grandly. "I may be alone in this, but I have absolutely no idea what happened."
"It's easy. Elijah and Sean, you both were attacked and cut by the shadow. You two got sick first, but Elijah, it didn't take with you, and it didn't spread to Elizabeth. You two are the only, well, the only normal ones among us. I'll get to that. When the wave of people came in with that…sickness, most didn't make it. I saw one woman die, and just after she died, what looked like a shadow left her body. Do you get it?"
He leaned back, orange eyes shining with a sort of pride. "It spread, and when it did, you all became cold, just like the sickness I saw. But this time around, Sean, you attacked Patrick. The bit of shadow that didn't take in Elijah went to me instead, and I attacked him. So in the purest form of this disease, in the original strain, it was imprinted with violence.
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BK R3: And Then You Die Pt3
He could feel the cold settling in his heart. It was the embodiment of bleak, freezing hopelessness, and it numbed him, body and soul.
For the second time, Orien found himself to be a stranger in his own body.
"Orien?" Elijah gasped, his voice hoarse. He wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth with violently trembling hands. "Can you hear me?"
The man didn't respond. He remained slumped against the side of the car, wide-eyed and unblinking, as rain plastered down his pale hair.
Hesitantly, Elijah reached out and shook Orien's shoulder. "Are you okay?" The question was ridiculous, there was a piece of shadow in him, he could be broken or dying or—
"Don't touch me."
"I said, don't touch me," Orien growled. He blinked and focused on Elijah with a great deal of difficulty, as though through a haze of exhaustion or inebriation. He pressed a hand against the sudden burning in his forehead.
"You—the shadow!" Elijah sputtered frantically. "The shadow just
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 3 1
BK R3: And Then You Die Pt2
"Patrick Maguire. Supernaturally inclined," the man said cheerily.
"Elizabeth Blake. Not," the small woman added as an afterthought.
Next came the slouched man with the funny hair and eyes. "Orien Bell." He waited a moment before reluctantly finishing, "Supernaturally inclined."
The cat by Patrick's feet stretched out luxuriously. "Flynn. P'rhaps a bit so as well."
Elijah stared at the cat with unmasked delight as though Christmas had arrived six months early, while Ophelia flinched back with a gasp and had to steady herself against Sean. He didn't seem to mind.
And thus, glorious silence descended on the group. Introductions had been an easy enough start, but there wasn't much hint of where to go from there.
"So," Elijah said cheerily, "Sean was just attacked by shadows."
"What?" The small woman in the sling, Elizabeth, visibly stiffened. "You're okay? How'd you get away?" she demanded sharply.
"He opened the door and yelled," Sean offered quietly.
"People heard me," Elijah explained.
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BK R3: And Then You Die Pt1
Life Sucks and then You Die, So At Least Try Not to Screw Up Too Much
Elijah, in general, was a happy man.
Life certainly had its snags, but overall, it was pretty decent. His problems were too trivial to agonize over and there were others with far greater troubles than himself. Thus, he chose to go through his days with a smile and focus as little as possible on the negatives. Perspective was everything in matters like this.
In this fashion, he rarely found himself truly upset. There was little sense in obsessing over little annoyances. Truth be told, he hadn't much to worry about anyway. The weightiest issue on his mind might have been the burst pipe that caused the entire third floor to give off the unpleasant odor of mildew for a few days, or that a size twelve shoe always seemed to be too big while the eleven was too small. The thermostat had a habit of crossing wires annually in autumn, and that lovely little coffee shop was going out of business. Nothing too unbearable at
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 3 1
BK R2: Amount of Discovery Pt2
"Are you Elijah?" The woman was small, sleek, and professional. The city morning's dim light filtered shadows into her already-dark hair. "Elijah Jensen?"
"I certainly am," he replied cheerily. "Just Elijah's fine. How can I help you?"
"Do you have a few minutes, Elijah?" she asked with a smile, as though testing out the name had proven more satisfying than expected.
"Well, I'm on my way to a meeting. Interview. Sorry, I'm a bit all over the place this morning," he added apologetically. "Why, what's on your mind?"
Her smile didn't waver. "You're working on a case right now, right? Gathering information about the recent string of disappearances?"
"Doing my best." With a sudden, eager shine in his eyes, he asked, "D'you know anything?"
"The thing is, there's just so little information about the disappearances." Her words were precise, as though she'd already calculated and manicured them perfectly. "It must be difficult."
Elijah laughed, not without a trace of bitterness. "It's a
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 3 2
BK R2: Amount of Discovery Pt1
In Which Some Things Go Better Than Expected, Others Go Worse, and a Great Amount of Discovery is Had By All.
It wasn't Sunday's fault that it sucked.
It still really sucked, though.
Elijah concluded this at about the moment when he woke up with his face pressed against the keyboard and only the emergency lights still buzzing vaguely. The chipped coffee mug held only cold, bitter dregs, and small red boxes lined his face from the keyboard.
Elijah sat up and glanced at the clock, which read to be twelve seventeen in the morning. Thoughtfully, he remarked, "Mnngrrlnk."  He pushed back his hair, examined the screensaver on the computer's monitor blankly, and decided that he hated the universe.
From making his escape to office to sorting through mounds of confusing and not-even-remotely-helpful reports, there had been nothing positive to come from the day. Really, he though, karma ought to have cut him some slack. After all, twenty four hours ago he'd found himself in the
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 3 1
Break: Sean
The Once Over
Name: Sean Anthony Valentine
Age: Physically, about 17. He won't tell how old he actually is. Somewhere between 21 and 25.
Gender: Male, of the not-so-masculine variety
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Light
Build: In a word: twiggy. In multiple words: awkwardly skinny, like you could snap him in half. We're talking all angles, narrow shoulders, no muscle, pigeon-chested.
Hair: Black. Dyed. Swept over eyes.
Facial Details: Huge friggin' eyes, which are hazel. Dark bags below them and definite eyeliner. If you get close enough, which he would not appreciate, there are some old acne scars.
Points of Interest: Very long, thin, almost spindly fingers. Both ears are pierced with little black studs, as well as either silver skulls or silver pentagrams depending on the day. Terrifyingly pale. Has on his person in one way or another at all times: a flask of holy water, a silver cross (worn as a necklace), sage, cl
:iconmasterkagura:MasterKagura 2 7
I promise nothing.

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Dawn came to the Stadium, as it came to everything else. The sun warmed the great concrete slabs and spread across the stained floor of the arena, slipped through iron bars and beneath iron doors. Another day, another spectacle.
The dawning of a new day meant something different for everyone. Some would flock like vultures to the Stadium, thronging seats and jostling shoulders in eager anticipation of the carnage that would be served up to them. Some would pit their skills against another in that bare arena, wager their lives and spill their blood for the crowd's satisfaction. And some…
Some would never live to see another sunrise.
The cafeteria was a more subdued place than it had been the day before. The numbers of its frequenters had, after all, been cut in half, though some had wandered in from the outside to raise that total once again. Conversation was all but absent, and those that spoke did so in muted tones, bending for
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Not much to say here except that IT'S ON.

Looking forward to TEXII!  Congrats to everyone that got in, and for those who didn't, keep on tryin'!  In any case, thrilled to be back writing with all you fine fishes, and looking forward to round one.

Speaking of round one!  I realize we mighta left our first opponents out to dry as far as interaction between TK and Possum, but never fear.  Celestial and I ought to have a little somethin' somethin' to help y'all out in the next few days.

Looking forward to MAKING THIS HAPPEN.


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